"Our challenge is to fulfill your challenge with yourself"

Vishnu Shukla (Major, Retired)

Welcome to our business, where we offer comprehensive financial services designed to address the challenges individuals face in the financial and capital markets. Our primary objective is to help our clients navigate the ever-changing landscape, especially in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.


We recognize that prior to 2020, the accessibility of investments in the stock market, mutual funds, and the capital market was limited, with a heavy reliance on brokers and advisors. However, the emergence of advanced technology and AI has revolutionized the industry, providing free online platforms that offer valuable insights into finance management and the intricate workings of the financial and capital markets.


At our firm, we are committed to protecting individuals from significant financial losses and ensuring the security of their investment decisions and hard-earned income. We empower our clients with the knowledge and guidance necessary to navigate these complex markets successfully. Drawing from my own experiences in the Indian Army, I understand the limited financial literacy among those serving in the military to include The Indian Air Force, Indian Navy, and other paramilitary forces.


Our services extend beyond financial stability for individuals; we also prioritize the well-being of their families. We understand the unique challenges faced by these dedicated individuals due to service exigencies, time constraints, and a lack of exposure to societies/ institutions with extensive financial knowledge. Therefore, our firm is specifically tailored to cater to this segment of society, providing them with the necessary tools and resources to secure their financial future.


With our profound insights into the complexities of society and armed forces, with the experience of my service (retired Major from the Indian Army), we are confident in our ability to make a significant impact. Our aim is to contribute to India's economic growth by offering smart and pragmatic investment solutions. Our services are built on well-researched advice, with a primary focus on portfolio appreciation and risk mitigation.


By joining our firm, you will gain access to personalized financial services that prioritize your portfolio's growth and stability. Our team of experts will work closely with you, providing well-researched advice and strategies tailored to your unique financial goals and risk tolerance. We believe in maintaining a balance between risk and reward, ensuring that your investments are optimized for growth while mitigating potential risks.


Our focus in not only towards your financial security but towards your future generations too. We together can help secure your children and their future generations too. The added advantage of equity and mutual funds will be utilized to conquer this hurdle too.


Together, we can seize the growth opportunities that the Indian markets offer and make a positive contribution to India's economic landscape. Join us on this journey toward a better and more secure financial future.

Firm (Trade) Name: Mudra Mantra

Proprietor: Vishnu Shankar Shukla

NSE Registration: AP2069505611

BSE Registration: AP01074801147032


Sharekhan: 10079 (Branch code)